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Creating a kitchen and/or bathroom that matches your unique and individual style begins with the selection of a countertop. The countertop you choose can be the showstopper that makes your home extra special. Food preparation happens here. It is where families gather for meals, and help their children with homework. In the case of bathrooms, it’s where you keep your beauty products close at hand. There is no question that the countertop you choose is an important decision.

With all the options available, granite and quartz stand out as the leading choices due to their ease of maintenance, durability, character and overall beauty. You can guarantee that both granite and quartz surfaces are going to last – they are known for their permanence and resilience to the hottest pots and pans.

These countertops will last at least as long as your house and probably longer! They require only a small amount of care and attention to protect against stains, watermarks, and etching.

Speaking with a reputable countertop dealer, such as Northern Stone of Fargo, ND, can be extremely valuable as you start the process of choosing a countertop that’s right for you. They have experts who can explain the differences between different stone types, offer money-saving tips and take you through the basics of stone care. By the end, you will understand how to make your kitchen and bathroom beautiful and stunning.

Durability is the prevailing attribute when it comes to the qualities of quartz and granite countertops. Both are easy to clean, and quartz is especially known for its non-porous, bacteria-resistant surface that is perfect for kitchen and bathrooms alike.

Slabs carved out of granite offer smooth surfaces without the need of grouted grooves that are so typical of tops made with ceramic tiles. The lack of grooves helps when it comes to the low maintenance you can expect with a granite top.

Wiping spills away with soapy water will protect your granite from most damage. There are, however, some oils that will stain granite, so check with your dealer for specific maintenance requirements. Resealing your granite periodically may be needed; check with a professional on how to test your countertop.

In rare situations, a granite surface can be chipped, but even the worst examples can be restored with the right professional attention.
Looking for the most natural, one-of-a-kind countertop? Granite is the best way to achieve this. Color and movement changes from piece to piece and block to block, ensuring a look that can never be duplicated.

While granite is most often identified with kitchens and bathrooms, it can also be incorporated into outdoor kitchens and workspaces. Its heat and scratch-resistant properties allow it to easily hold up in the elements.

Granite surfaces are extremely distinctive. Each stone is completely unique, so the patterns and colors look one-of-a-kind. Granite countertops are exceptionally durable. In contrast to surfaces like wood, laminate, and even some solid surfacing which are affected by heat, granite tops are not.
Each stone extracted from the ground comes with unique veining and speckles shown through a variety of mineral colors. Stoneworkers, with their saws and polishing apparatus, hone these raw materials into fine specimens of home decor art. Whether it’s a sky-blue granite, a solid burgundy quartzite, or a beige travertine that comes embedded with seashell fossils, your choice can be as distinctive and original as your taste and budget allow.

Quartz tops are engineered using about 95 percent ground quartz along with polymer resins, allowing a smooth surface that is one of the most easily customizable surfaces for homeowners.

With a dazzling array of colors, including veining and speckles that mimic natural granite, you’ll see why more and more homeowners are choosing quartz.

For many homeowners, quartz provides an excellent combination of durability and ease of maintenance.

Similar to granite, quartz can be cleaned with soapy water or a household cleaner.
Quartz, however, does not need to be resealed.

Quartz is actually stronger than granite, in fact, it is nearly indestructable. They are scratch and impact resistant. In contrast to granite, however, your quartz countertop can be damaged by extreme heat. Caution should be applied when using hot pots or pans.

Due to some of these features, you can expect to pay a little more for quartz in comparison to granite.

Every piece of stone is unique, but all look beautiful. The bonus that these stones provide is the comfortable feel they emanate. A granite or quartz feature gives off beauty and elegance that invariably makes using this material very successful.

The fact is, of the vast variety of elements that can be used to add luxury, style and beauty to a home, none match the excellence, durability, and downright natural beauty of stone.

Countertops are one of the most important aspects of the kitchen. They serve as the centerpiece of the kitchen on which everyone in the room focuses.

It is why durable, beautiful and quality countertops serve for many years to instill a sense of luxury in the space, creating a unique impression to all who lay their eyes upon it.

The surfaces these materials produce are not only highly flexible and often used to construct kitchen and bathroom countertops, but they can also be employed as feature walls and even for some flooring options.

Choosing natural stone for a feature wall can add yet another layer of beauty to your home’s interior.

The application of granite and quartz is not limited just to homes. It is also a great material used in a wide variety of commercial settings.

Space is possibly the most important aspect of a modern home. With burgeoning real-estate prices shrinking the size of many modern homes, many houses and apartments are combining their dining, kitchen and even living spaces together.

With the application of quality granite, it is possible to give the design of these combination spaces a striking elegance and beauty. It can inspire awe and create a complete look that homeowners and their visitors will be able to enjoy for many years to come.

Granite and quartz have all been formed inside the earth with incredible amounts of pressure and heat. It is what makes the material so resilient. This resiliency does not change as the stones are turned into countertops.

It is part of the appeal of these natural slabs and why they are increasingly popular. So much so that sales of granite in the United States are set to overtake those of the much-cheaper laminate alternatives.

Out of all the various rock countertops, the ultra-dense granite is one of the top performers. When you want to add some striking beauty and style to rooms like your kitchen and bathroom, it is worth choosing premium products from suppliers like Northern Stone.

With the wide variety of colors the options are endless, offering the added benefit of increasing the resale value of your home. Northern Stone’s expert team has the knowledge to work with your ideas to create cohesive designs that work with the colors and finishes that exist in your kitchen. As you look at all the benefits that granite has to offer, you’ll see that it’s an investment worth making. ~L&H

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