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Due to its versatility, durability and endless design options, wood flooring is a product for today and tomorrow. This is why many people are scouring their houses, condos and cottages to see where they can add this timeless flooring option to their homes. For 2017, even exotic wood options of bamboo and cork make the design cut along with refinished and reclaimed offerings.

“Local wood reclamation, whether that wood is being salvaged from old barns or rescued from underneath old and outdated carpeting, is going to be popular across the country,” adds Weinstock.

Thus today’s wood flooring comes in a bevy of distinctive materials. Whether it is a mainstay product such as ¾-inch hardwood or a newly created veneer invention that can be used in virtually every room of the house, including bathrooms, wood flooring is a trend here to stay.


Color makes a splash on the 2017 wood flooring trend list. According to flooring blogger Debbie Gartner, a.k.a. The Flooring Girl, two very extreme options are all the rage today when it comes to wood flooring color, namely dark stained vs. bright blondes. These two extremes offer homeowners numerous flooring color possibilities.

With distinctive names such as “Espresso” and “Almost Black,” dark stained wood flooring, for example, lends dimension to a room – especially when placed against bright white walls, shelving and wainscoting. Dark flooring set against stark white cabinets perfectly illustrates this style point, making a dramatic statement in a room with its contrasting color combination.

In sharp difference, barely-there blondes with names such as “Sandy Maple” and “Wheat,” make rooms look bigger, brighter and more open, helping rooms to exude a feeling of nature within a home. Additionally, lighter colors keep your floors looking clean longer compared to their darker counterparts, comments FlooringInc blogger Ari Ziskin.

Although dark versus light flooring color choices are top picks for 2017, gray is an exception that is still very popular, a perfect blend of light and dark. It seems not only do light and dark wood colors work within a space, so do middle gray tones.

“For 2017, we don’t see any slowdown of the current preferences for wide plank in gray tones with extremely low-sheen finishes,” adds Hardwood Floors magazine editor, Kim Wahlgren.


In addition to color, texture is also a big player for this year’s style offering. Smooth, dark flooring with very few flaws compared to blonde oak revelations paying homage to every knot and imperfection that real wood has to offer, take style in two very different directions for 2017.

If handcrafted and distressed are your definitions for style, then wood flooring that is “wire-brushed” or “hand-scraped” are what you are looking for as they provide an authentic, aged weathered look. On the other end of the texture spectrum, are flooring options that are smooth and blemish-free. These products, above all else, offer subtle uniformity and a less busy finish. Both work well in the 2017 flooring trend scheme of things.


Pattern is also on the trend docket this year. Herringbone, diagonal, wide plank and mixed-width floors take traditional wood flooring into new territory for 2017. Although this wood flooring technique has been around as long as wood flooring has, it is the use of new product, sizes and color that add to the drama of such applications.

For instance, once you find a product you like, try laying it down diagonal to the room it is being featured in for a completely fresh feel. Just changing its installation can equip a room with a new attitude and stylistic advantage.


Finishes wrap up the wood flooring style trend list for 2017. Once a homeowner has picked out the perfect material, color and texture of choice, there is still one last selection to make and that is finish style.

Whether satin or matte, this last option adds to the overall character of the flooring covering a particular room. For example, to give a room a rustic look, matte finish would be the way to go.
Low sheen, allows the natural feel of the wood to take center stage with a matte finish.

As for satin finishes, they are a perfect compromise between glossy and matte, says Ziskin, noting satin finishes are typically about 40-percent shiny and offer a great compliment to former, high gloss flooring styles.

“As the trends change and homeowners are beginning to prefer less polished flooring, satin is not such a drastic step. It’s a practical step back and was the most popular flooring finish in 2016,” blogs Ziskin.

As for flexibility, style, color, and texture, wood flooring offers homeowners a range of products to fulfill any style or application. So whether you want to lighten up a room with a blonde, maple hardwood flooring product or make a statement using reclaimed, well-warn barn wood from a farm up north, wood flooring is a trend you can not go wrong with in 2017. ~L&H

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