Pop! Goes the Decor

The experts seem to agree the trend in color is more, more, more!

Applied in drops or splashes, color is the way to transition or update heading into the fall/winter seasons.

“When the weather turns dreary, we want our surroundings to comfort us, uplift us, keep us motivated,” declared Jane Rapp, Design Consultant with Ravnik Design in Alexandria.

The fashion, auto and home furnishing industries are constantly creating and presenting new ideas in color for us to digest. Current headlines have suggested a plethora of color choices trending this year including: 55 Colors We Love Right Now, 18 Color Palettes Inspired by National Parks, and 25 Fall Colors in Beautifully Designed Rooms.

Those ideas range from dark and somber to bright and funky and everything in between. When considering colors of the year from the major players, don’t get overwhelmed – color can and should be fun!

The options are considerable… It is also perfectly acceptable to continue to use colors that have traditionally worked for you.

In addition to the general industry, some manufacturers release new colors each season. How about a plum piece of luggage for this fall?
Or a frying pan inspired by majestic jewels?
Or a new shade of Fiestaware to adorn the dinner table?

Sometimes it seems like a science to keep up with the new trends, but we have approached some local experts to provide personal perspective and help navigate interior decorating and color palettes.

Whether you want to experiment with a fun new shade or update an old favorite, lakes area abounds with decorators and retail shops to assist you in adding color to your home décor.

You can be sure to find paint, finishes, linens and accessories in the most popular new colors of the year, but in local outlets you can also be sure to find help zeroing in on your personal favorite with tips on how to combine it with new shades. Color presents an emotional experience and those emotions vary from person to person. Cindy Larson of The Market, Fergus Falls, adds that, “Overall, your home should be reflective of your personal interests, hobbies and lifestyle.”
Fall-inspired spaces are not limited to browns, rusts, reds and gold, but when the weather cools down in lakes country and forces us indoors, it is soothing to bring some of the outdoors in, which can be achieved with a mix of texture and color. As a matter of fact, many of the top hues for 2017 took inspiration from nature. Interesting new green shades – some deep, some electric; greys in new tones are warmer in paint, woods and metals; neutrals expand to include camel and the blush of fresh buds. “Natural shades of greys, browns and tans continue to gain popularity,” adds Larson.

While seafoam and aqua have become very popular in accessories from kitchen spatulas to wall clocks, peach and salmon are fast becoming new favorites at The Market.

According to interior decorator Betty Ravnik, of Ravnik Design, Alexandria, in the very high end market, colors are seeping into design as well as décor. In those spaces color is introduced into everything from flooring to kitchen cabinets. “It is much more common to use neutrals on big ticket items with long lives such as carpet and window treatments, and pop the color with accessories and paint.” Color can also be found more frequently on painted furniture or the legs of upholstered pieces.

The industry is also paying more attention to linens and bedding. “Neutrals have always been popular and now they are mixing it up, giving us license to adorn with pattern on pattern and texture and more color in the bedroom,” according to interior designer Rosayln Shelstad of Alexandria.
Trends for the fall embrace clashes of color, texture and pattern, adds Amy King of The Market. “We are seeing deep shades of rust, a lean toward nature, tropical greens and geometric designs,” she mentions. “Blush pink has emerged as the new neutral and the color and richness of camel adds refinement to any space.”

Designers agree about popular local trends that include succulents, terracotta, mixed metals, large clocks, bold paint and very colorful accessories. Wildflowers, autumn berries, pumpkins and forests influence color this time of year and fall/ holiday hues include holly berry reds, deeper greens, gold/brass, white and blues.

Be adventuresome and have fun with color. Choose lively vivacious fall shades to replace the burnt sienna and murky browns of past seasons – in a floral arrangement, for instance, incorporate brilliant pinks with fiery oranges and contrast with a delicate blush. In fabrics, choose pattern on pattern in pops of color. Trust your instincts and reach for a bit of surprise. Express yourself in colorful, textured accessories that can bring joy to any space. ~L&H

by Maggie Vertin

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