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• From the Office

• Master Bedroom Retreat

• Floor Coating Systems: A Concrete Invenstment to any Garage or Man Cave

• Cabin Memories: Home Decor, Gifts and Apparel

• How to Make Water Fun: RAVE Sports Shares their Newest Water Sports Toys

• Lake Gifts: Gifts for the Lake Lover

• Choosing the Right Roofing:

• Hyrdroseeding vs Sod

• Dining in the Lakes: Mabel Murphys

• Feature Home: A Vision in White - Family designs their dream home on Pelican Lake

• Feature Home: A Story of Connections and Continuity

• Feature Home: Luxury by the Lake

• Feature Home: Establishing Control - A remodel that started with security and convenience led to much more

• Designer Portfolio: Hilltop Lumber

• Service Directory

• Featured Lake: Pelican Lake

July/Aug 2019

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